Graduate Tutor

Appointed since 8/Aug/18, roles performed:

  1. Teach tutorials
  2. Managed consultations (also known as recitations)
  3. Marking students’ code and examinations
  4. Assist with lecturer in lectures
  5. Developed module tools

Modules Taught over the years

  1. CS3203 - Software Engineering Project (8MC)
    1. AY 2020/21 (Sem 2): Supported lectures & consultations, organized tutors, grading and maintained testing tools for module.
    2. AY 2019/20 (Sem 2): Taught consultations, support lectures and developed testing tools for module.
    3. AY 2018/19 (Sem 2): Taught tutorials, consultations and support lectures.
    4. AY 2018/19 (Sem 1): Taught tutorials and consultations.
  2. CS2030/CS2030S - Programming Methodology II (4MC)
    1. AY 2020/21 (Sem 1): Supported Labs and developed module tools; Created sub-flavor Fedora Linux for exam purposes.

Teaching Feedback

The best TA i have ever met in my 3 years in NUS. He go above and beyond what is expected of him by the students. He is concern about our wellbeing and often encourage us to do better.

- Student from AY2018/19 (Sem 2)

Eric is a very caring tutor who is always looking out for us and consistently motivate us to excel further. Not only is he very approach, he also teaches very effectively. I was able to learn effectively through his patient and sophisticated guidance. I feel that I could not ask for a better tutor.

- Student from AY2019/20 (Sem 2)


Academic Year Module Code Module Name Tutorial Consultations
AY 2020/21 (Sem 2) CS3203 Software Engineering Project - -
AY 2020/21 (Sem 1) CS2030/CS2030S Programming Methodology II - -
AY 2019/20 (Sem 2) CS3203 Software Engineering Project - 4.6/5.0
AY 2018/19 (Sem 2) CS3203 Software Engineering Project 4.4/5.0 4.8/5.0
AY 2018/19 (Sem 1) CS3203 Software Engineering Project 4.1/5.0 3.3/5.0